• Services

    I integrate different types of therapy so we can find something that motivates you and your loved ones to make positive changes. I offer a safe place to discuss real feelings and explore how to make things better. I am an open-minded therapist that strives to accept you for who your are. I believe that shame and judgment should never be a part of your treatment. I hope I can help you understand the challenges that are keeping you from living an authentic and fulfilling life.

    Working with an individual, a couple, or a family, I can help reduce:

    • Feelings of Sadness
    • Anxiety
    • Behavior Problems
    • Sexual Dysfunction

    And increase;

    • Stress Management
    • Intimacy
    • Relationship Harmony
    • An understanding of your Sexuality
    • Parenting Skills
    • Social Skills

    I utilize some of the following therapeutic techniques, but tailor your treatment to your needs.